Toronto Outdoor Exhibition’ism – continued.

Some more work that you can expect to see at the show if the wind doesn’t blow my walls over and ruin my career. Couldn’t be as bad as (name removed)’s wardrobe malfunction caught on tape by tourists circa Toronto Outdoor’s 2006 Show……;) xo

I have lots of new affordable jewelry and bubble tiles – […]

Spring Show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Just a quick note to invite you to see my latest work at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The opening is May 3rd at the AGH… Live music and fun!

I have some fancy pantsy larger pieces including a new series of Bubble Trophies, a large framed piece and lots of new affordable Bubble Tiles. […]

The Making Of – “Turf War”, and speaking of turf wars…

Two out of my three favourite beards featured here (my Dad, not pictured here, recently rejoined the Beard-Club-for-Men…it’s been about a decade, but everyone was glad to have him back) had quite the battle last week that ended the way all manly disputes should end…with high-tech MSPaint hearts intricately surrounding their heads.

OH and […]