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So, I was asked to give a larger sample of things I might have for upcoming holiday purchase.  All pieces made and designed by me in porcelain clay at my Harbourfront Centre studio where I’m a lucky Artist in Residence.  It’s been fun being in production mode and I can’t wait for these lil guys to head into the world to spread some magic.  Get them while they’re here, because in a few weeks I’ll be switching over to Toronto Artist Project mode where I intend on going BIG and sculptural.


City of Craft and Studio Huddle

City of Craft fans will be happy to know that you’ll be able to check out my new party animal MUGS at the Christmas event this December 8th and 9th.  Here’s the City of Craft website for further details.

Otherwise I have lots of new work at Studio Huddle’s pop-up shop as well.  The opening on December 1st will surely be excellent as all Huddle gatherings are.  The show will run until December 23rd for all your holiday gifting needs.  Studio Huddle is located at 97 Niagara Street (King and Bathurst – Toronto).

Here’s a peek at my new Bear Claw pendants.  Clayton and I headed up north for Thanksgiving and stopped at the trading post where I found a resin casting of a bear claw.  Like a 12 year old boy I couldn’t resist and tucked one in my pocket.  Well, I’ve made a mold of it and now they’re all fancy, lovely and cast in porcelain.  It would make a Perfect gift for someone who already received my Georgian Bay acorn pendant last Christmas.  I brought back some new acorns from the same Thanksgiving trip and I can’t believe how much heartier and plentiful they were from last year’s crop!  As it turns out, it was in fact a mysterious “Mast Year” for acorns!  Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes the bumper crop – and there is no way to predict when it will occur.  I can remember a year when I was wee, when rolling down my driveway on a blanket of nuts was a serious concern.  Nuts fell like hail stones and babies were banned from the backyard without helmets or a parasol (paranut?).  Come check them out at City of Craft and Studio Huddle!


Bear claw pendants

Porcelain Bear Claw pendants with gold lustre on antiqued brass short chains.

ACF magazine shoot at Klaus by Nienkamper!

Had a lovely day shooting some of my pieces with our ACF magazine team at Klaus by Nienkamper.  The interview and shoot will be in the upcoming 2012 Special Holiday issue available at Chapters/Indigo, Whole Foods and Great Canadian News.

When a bulldog was invited to tea…no one ever imagined what a perfect lady she’d be…  Pick up a copy this Winter, you won’t believe it!

Stay tuned.



Tom’s shoes – The Art of Giving series.

Just dropped off my shoes and shades for Tom’s Shoes – “Art of Giving” opening Aug 14th.  Each artist asked to participate was given a pair of Tom’s Shoes and Shades to jazz up!  I decided to make mine completely wearable with Double Bubble Friendship Brooches.  For my shades I went with party animals.  The pieces are handmade porcelain with sterling silver, 24k gold lustre and antiqued brass.

A party animal wearing Party Animals!  Omg, so meta as my brother would say…

Art brownies – to die for!

Check out Art brownies at INDEXG (50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto)!  So many delicious little morsels to bite into!

Toronto Outdoor Exhibition’ism – continued.

Some more work that you can expect to see at the show if the wind doesn’t blow my walls over and ruin my career.  Couldn’t be as bad as (name removed)’s wardrobe malfunction caught on tape by tourists circa Toronto Outdoor’s 2006 Show……;) xo

I have lots of new affordable jewelry and bubble tiles – including long animal necklaces (a few shown here!), animal and unicycle brooches, shadow-boxed pieces, tea cups, wall piece galore!!!!  Can’t wait to see you there!  Booth #222!!!


So much more!  I promise.


peek of new work for the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition!

It’s been about a year since I’ve made anything with a function…but here they are!  Each “tea” cup comes with a sculptural saucer – not shown (and can hold an entire tall can!  True story!  Someone’s going to smack me right about now – but I’ve only been able to test this out because I’m DONE preparing for the show well ahead of schedule!!  So, I’m putting on my smug lil 24k gold party hat and sitting back with a few party animals)…

Other new wall work to follow…so stay tuned!

-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects,


Spring Show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Just a quick note to invite you to see my latest work at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  The opening is May 3rd at the AGH…  Live music and fun!

I have some fancy pantsy larger pieces including a new series of Bubble Trophies, a large framed piece and lots of new affordable Bubble Tiles.  Here’s a quick teaser!~

-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects,


The Making Of – “Turf War”, and speaking of turf wars…

Two out of my three favourite beards featured here (my Dad, not pictured here, recently rejoined the Beard-Club-for-Men…it’s been about a decade, but everyone was glad to have him back) had quite the battle last week that ended the way all manly disputes should end…with high-tech MSPaint hearts intricately surrounding their heads.

OH and speaking of “Turf War”, click here to watch my silly embarrassing video that Sony featured at the Artist Project:  (best watched with sound off)


This video was filmed at my studio at Harbourfront Centre and had to be edited directly on the spiffy new SONY HDRPJ260V Camcorder with Built-in Projector (awesome!! Exceppppt that Sony didn’t let me keep it…*sighh*… *winkwink* *nudgenudge* Sony…)

It took me 2 weeks to prepare all the individual parts for “Turf War”.  The construction in the video took place over the course of a full day.  The piece was then bisque-fired in the electric kiln.  Next, it was glaze-fired to 2300 degrees F (as in F@*#!! that’s hot!  I mean Fahrenheit).  the gold lustre (*bling*!) was applied along with the decals and fired one last time in he kiln!

So, thanks for watching!  Don’t forget that tonight is the last day to receive 10% off I MEAN 25% OFF any purchase from KOALACAKE my Etsy Jewelery Shop until midnight tonight, when you use the code COUPONOBLOGORAMA2 at check-out.

-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects,



Anouncing…the schnoodle powered tricycle!!! oh, and my ETSY SHOP!!

As promised last week, this the launch of my new Porcelain Jewelry – Etsy site!!!! I gave up on the schnoodle powered trike as you can see, because he really just stands there.


Without further a-do: I present to you…THE SHOP. ****Receive a 10% discount if you mention you saw it here at Etsy checkout! Expires April 1st, so hurry ****


Stay tuned next week, where we decide the winner in the Dog Beard vs. Man Beard epic battle of the century.


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-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects