Where have all the doilies gone…

Almost a week post City of Craft and I solemnly linger in the question:  Where have all the Doilies gone?  Well, I wanted to share a funny little story about how I posed myself the same question the week before the show even started!

Here’s the thing.  I love doilies.  I love doilies and I use them in my gift wrapping.  The week before City of Craft we searched high and low all over town and even went as far as the giant boxy Kitchen Store to procure some doilies…where their teenaged-boy-employee didn’t even know what a doily was??!!  Aside from teaching the bespotted boy a thing or two about paper pizazz…the trip was a flop.

After all the searching…I still couldn’t figure out…Where HAD all the Doilies gone???  Well, if you were a guest at City of Craft you would know.  All the doilies in town got up and marched themselves over to the show – where all the prettiest things were at, and danced over head for all to see.

I’m sure you’re begging to know if I ever did find the doilies I needed to wrap up all the preshies I sold at the show.  Well, gather near…because there waaaaas one pack left in alllll the city…and it was dusty…and it was hidden…and it was under a pile of junk…at the Parkdale Guardian Pharmacy.

The moral of the story is that you never need to stray too far from home to find your feathered doilies…when Mother Parkdale has you under her wing.


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