City of Craft and Studio Huddle

City of Craft fans will be happy to know that you’ll be able to check out my new party animal MUGS at the Christmas event this December 8th and 9th.  Here’s the City of Craft website for further details.

Otherwise I have lots of new work at Studio Huddle’s pop-up shop as well.  The opening on December 1st will surely be excellent as all Huddle gatherings are.  The show will run until December 23rd for all your holiday gifting needs.  Studio Huddle is located at 97 Niagara Street (King and Bathurst – Toronto).

Here’s a peek at my new Bear Claw pendants.  Clayton and I headed up north for Thanksgiving and stopped at the trading post where I found a resin casting of a bear claw.  Like a 12 year old boy I couldn’t resist and tucked one in my pocket.  Well, I’ve made a mold of it and now they’re all fancy, lovely and cast in porcelain.  It would make a Perfect gift for someone who already received my Georgian Bay acorn pendant last Christmas.  I brought back some new acorns from the same Thanksgiving trip and I can’t believe how much heartier and plentiful they were from last year’s crop!  As it turns out, it was in fact a mysterious “Mast Year” for acorns!  Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes the bumper crop – and there is no way to predict when it will occur.  I can remember a year when I was wee, when rolling down my driveway on a blanket of nuts was a serious concern.  Nuts fell like hail stones and babies were banned from the backyard without helmets or a parasol (paranut?).  Come check them out at City of Craft and Studio Huddle!


Bear claw pendants

Porcelain Bear Claw pendants with gold lustre on antiqued brass short chains.

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