The Making Of – “Turf War”, and speaking of turf wars…

Two out of my three favourite beards featured here (my Dad, not pictured here, recently rejoined the Beard-Club-for-Men…it’s been about a decade, but everyone was glad to have him back) had quite the battle last week that ended the way all manly disputes should end…with high-tech MSPaint hearts intricately surrounding their heads.

OH and speaking of “Turf War”, click here to watch my silly embarrassing video that Sony featured at the Artist Project:  (best watched with sound off)


This video was filmed at my studio at Harbourfront Centre and had to be edited directly on the spiffy new SONY HDRPJ260V Camcorder with Built-in Projector (awesome!! Exceppppt that Sony didn’t let me keep it…*sighh*… *winkwink* *nudgenudge* Sony…)

It took me 2 weeks to prepare all the individual parts for “Turf War”.  The construction in the video took place over the course of a full day.  The piece was then bisque-fired in the electric kiln.  Next, it was glaze-fired to 2300 degrees F (as in F@*#!! that’s hot!  I mean Fahrenheit).  the gold lustre (*bling*!) was applied along with the decals and fired one last time in he kiln!

So, thanks for watching!  Don’t forget that tonight is the last day to receive 10% off I MEAN 25% OFF any purchase from KOALACAKE my Etsy Jewelery Shop until midnight tonight, when you use the code COUPONOBLOGORAMA2 at check-out.

-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects,



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