Hello world! and the Artist Project

Look! I got a blog! Home, sweet Blog.

Of course I’m writing to let you know about The Artist Project opening this Thursday March 1st – Queen Elizabeth building, Exhibition Place. I’m really excited about my new work (I know I always say that! Because it’s always true). Oh, and not only did I get the best booth number (#333), Sony also asked me to make a video installation of me making work in the studio. (It’s pretty embarassing…so you should check it out!)

If you caught my last show at Distill Gallery called ‘Dwelling on a Whim’, you’ll remember the work had a pretty strong Home theme…well as much as I accomplished making totally new looking work this round…Home pervades. From childhood memories to acting out my daydreams with my hands in clay. This new series has it all…bunnies with tree houses on their backs to grumpy birthday party guests-of-honour.

About ‘Dwelling on a Whim‘ and my new series ‘Abode Abound‘:

I grew up in a magical place called Penetanguishene. I’ve traveled to wonderful cities, lived in France and as an Artist in Residence at Harbourfront Centre, now call Toronto my Home. This work is an acclaim of my unwillingness to commit to a physical preference for Home. It is a celebration of adaptation, to finding freedom in tight spaces and of the love of the unpredictable-predictability of city life. The city has afforded me with plenty of daydreams and departure. This work is a physical daydream of ideas about dwelling, places and adaptations, freedom and adventures. It is about embracing the lens through which we experience, idealize and constantly re-contextualize ‘Home’.

‘Abode Abound‘ takes up where that left off…obbbbviously at fluffy animal turf ‘wars’ on clouds, refereed by wise owls riding unicycles. That’s where you thought, right? You’ll just have to check out the show if you didn’t see that one coming!

Oh, and this is me. Was me.

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